Software I use and other things I recommend.

I get asked a lot about the things I use to build software, stay productive, or buy to fool myself into thinking I’m being productive when I’m really just procrastinating. Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff.


  • NextJS & React with TypeScript

    Currently the best framework for building web Applications

  • Python, for its data science ecosystem and FastAPI

    You can't just do everything in TypeScript. Heavy math stuff must be done there. proficient in numpy, pandas, jupyter, scikit-learn, scipy, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, pyfolio, statsmodels, empyrical etc.

  • TailwindUI

    Best CSS Framework - Fight me!

  • Redis

    Speed it up with Redis

  • Logtail, Logsnag & Sentry

    Know what happens with your app. I am now wondering how I lived without sentry.

  • Other Web Libraries & Tools I love

    React Query, PrismaJS, CoPilot.


  • Plausible, Ahrefs, Google Search Console for SEO

    Track your website traffic and SEO

  • Notion, Loom,

    Productivity with the best UI/UX

  • Stripe for payment

    Payment made easy, but competitors are catching up

  • Supabase

    Great software for working with databases. Has saved me from building about a thousand admin interfaces for my various projects over the years.

  • AWS

    Hard to avoid, but I'm not a fan of the pricing model

  • Render & Vercel

    Render is awesome but also inreasing prices. Vercel is just beyond and is pushing the web to the next level.

  • CloudFlare

    An indiehacker must store all of its hundreds of domains somewhere, right?


  • Figma

    We started using Figma as just a design tool but now it’s become our virtual whiteboard for the entire company. Never would have expected the collaboration features to be the real hook.

  • Refactoring UI

    How I got started with Website Design.


  • Stochastics, Statistics, Stochastic Analysis & Probability Theory

    Love it, was my major in Uni.

  • Analysis & Linear Algebra

    Must know.

What I don't do on the job

  • Java, iOS, C#, C++, .NET, SAP, Testing, PHP

    Since I get asked about freelancing sometimes, this is what I learnt but don't do on the job.